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You undoubtedly have found this website as part of your research for planning a celebration.  Whether you are in the early stages of planning your wedding or have realized the need for place cards at the last moment for a rehearsal dinner, this site will provide you with all that you need to know to complete your task.  The key questions: why, what, where, how, and when are addressed in the material presented.  Take a few minutes to review the information and you are welcome to use the links provided to minimize your effort.

Place Card Basics

The application of place cards for guest seatingFor formal events, such as weddings, most people prefer to arrange seating for their guests rather than to have open seating where guests search to seats that have not been occupied.  Place cards are often used to guide guests to the seats reserved tor them.  In lieu of place cards, infrequently a seating map is posted in a convenient place and guests find their seating assignments on the map and then venture off to find their seat, based on the information gleaned from the map.  Because errors in reading the map or remembering the location of seats can lead to misunderstandings, people have desired a more robust way to guide their guests to their seats.  Place cards have satisfied that need.

Types of Place Cards

Place cardThere are two variations of place cards.  The first lists a guest's name and an identifier for the table at which the guest is seated.  A table is marked with this identifier, so the guest can easily find the table at which he or she is seated.  Usually the venue will provide the table identification plaques that are used to identify the table at no charge to their clients and will specify the maximum number of guests which can be accommodated at each table.  Many venues will allow clients to design and procure special table identification markers that match the theme of the celebration if a client desires.  The celebration planner arranges the seating, assigns guests to tables and procures place cards showing the guest name and table identifier. 

The second place card variation, sometimes referred to as "table cards," contains only the guest's name.  In this case, the cards are placed at the guest's seat.  Guests can browse the tables in search for their seat, or this type of card can be used with a seating map posted at the venue entrance to help guide guests to the correct table.  The place card provides confirmation that the guest is at the correct table and locates the particular seat for the guest.

How Place Cards Are Used

Place cards awaiting guest pickup at venueDepending upon the type of seating cards used, they are located differently at the venue.  As previously stated, table cards are situated at the particular seats chosen for the guests.  Place cards are located near the entrance of the venue where a guests can pick them up and carry them to their seat.  To simplify locating the guests' cards, they are arranged in alphabetical order on the table. 

Locating the place cards or table cards at the venue is usually handled by the staff at the venue before the start time of the celebration.

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